The Millennium Stadium has signed an agreement with Cardiff-based energy management consultancy Orchard Energy that will see the two businesses work together to manage energy costs at the venue.

The partnership will help to further improve efficiency and reduce overheads at the venue that achieved the British Standard for sustainability ahead of any other UK stadia.

Millennium Stadium Facilities Manager Darren Crossman said: “Working with Orchard Energy is very important for the Millennium Stadium’s sustainable development. The market intelligence we receive will allow us to plan in advance and purchase our energy at the best prices, resulting in greater financial and energy savings for the venue.”

Jennifer Short, Regional Manager at Orchard Energy, said her team had been working closely with stadium management to strategically purchase their contracts in order to get the best out of the volatile energy market.

She said proactive purchasing was the primary way for companies to manage their costs in the wake of steep rises in energy prices over recent years.

“Businesses like the Millennium Stadium are big energy users but because their under soil heating and drainage system is vital in maintaining the quality of the pitch all year round any budgeting needs to be done carefully,” she said.

“As well as the cost of energy, another major challenge for businesses is the increased regulation associated with the government’s low carbon initiatives.

“We are pleased to be working with a forward thinking organisation like the Millennium Stadium, which has a sustainability policy in place to reduce its carbon footprint, and we will be providing advice on compliance where necessary.”