The Millennium Stadium welcomes its eighth consecutive Watchtower Convention as an estimated ten thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses descended on the capital for their annual three-day event this weekend.

Almost 100,000 people have gathered at the iconic venue since the Convention first arrived in 2002 and this year Witness congregations have extended their invitation for the “Keep on the Watch” gathering in Cardiff to coincide with 30 others throughout Britain and the Channel Islands.

“We really enjoy bringing the event to the Millennium Stadium each year as it allows for more Jehovah’s Witnesses to gather together for this special weekend as our numbers grow,” said Watchtower Convention spokesperson Sue Mumford.

“The Millennium Stadium also affords us to share the spiritual comfort together without the worry of the rain that we don’t always have the luxury of in other venues.”

This weekend “Keep on the Watch” explores key Bible texts relating to what Jehovah’s Witnesses refer to as ‘the end of the world’ and today up to 40 individuals will take part in a Baptism ceremony to publicly symbolise their dedication to God.

“The Baptism allows individuals to makes their own personal dedication to serve God and bring their life in line with the Bible and what Jesus wants us to do,” said Sue.

“During the Baptism ceremony total immersion in water – just as Jesus set the example for us – is necessary to completely cleanse the individual’s old way of life and show their dedication to God’s will.

“All eyes at the Millennium Stadium will be focused on the very important step taken by these individuals in devoting their life to their God Jahovah.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses invite all to attend free of charge and learn more about these topics.

Tomorrow’s schedule begins at 9.20am with "How Can You Survive the End of the World?" and is followed by a special feature "Your Brother Was Dead and Came to Life," a modern-day drama based on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.